Saturday, 29 May 2010


I have only 9 followers ..two of them are my sometime boyfriend, and 2 me, which means i have really 5 though thats not too bad i suppose considering the amount of friends i have!! Only joking as well as been breathtakingly beautiful and immensely talented i am also extremely popular.Sickenly so!!!!
I' m doing berlin fashion week, well... deciding if i am its in 5 weeks! I just got invited. No other craic really moved back out to the garage, back to when i was 16, i m really into regression at the moment regression recession moving back home to the parents! anyway in london all week, really nice dinners all round, though dodgy full english with my icelandic friend auora (her first) in shepherds bush. Thinking of getting a a tattoo any suggestions?? xxxx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


hi check out to see my first collection! Let me know what you think, sorry i have not been eating!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

pretending to exsist

If only i had one of those rugs and some vodka, it would pass the time waiting for the phone to ring. Though the weekend is well over and i dont want to answer anymore, i m not just a crazy face i have a temper too!!

miss dodgy??

hellooooo, i m back by popular request from my favourite fan !!!! Im here supposed to be making purses for my pop up shop but all i m doing is looking up recipes for cup cakes and thinking about where i can get glasses for my margarrita cocktails i shall be serving on saturday, i think at this stage i just need a piss up!! oh god i m a child, i have no sense of i wish i could be sold so someone could take charge of my life and tell me what to do. I m really good at taking orders, maybe i should just get married! anyone????

Thursday, 15 April 2010

margarita ambition

hi all, sorry i ve been so slack... got way behind.. well anyway, see my flyer attached see i can make more than roast chicken dinners i m expanding to margaritas so i will let you know how it goes i ve heard you should use cointreau instead of triple sec and fancy salt i think i ll stick to the traditional been that type of girl myself... please god dont let me stay up drinking all the tequila the night before the shop celebrating what i have nt done and not turn up!! This is very likely, i ll keep you posted on my cocktail endeavouring x

Monday, 8 March 2010

not very jammy

i am not feeling jammy, have actually been no-where near any kind of a life containing any thing remotely as secure and steady as jam for breakfast in a very long time,actually every so often as another relationship is ending i usually end up making traditional old fashioned toast with homemade jam that someone else has made, in some kind of a weird effort of if i make everything quaint and normal it will hold it all together, but any way the jam has let me down again and its all gone to pot.
Dont trust anything not even jam

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

hi i ve been looking up indian dishes as so excited about going there this summer, it is somewhere i've always dreamed about going, ihave never been anywhere that has nt been westernised , well i have been to Thailand but its a bit like the i biza of the east.
Anyway i ll keep you posted with my new try out recipes though they have been mostly take away menus so far xx

Monday, 22 February 2010

no super

hello i was going to call this super soup but i forgot i was making it and its ruined, it was a nigel slater french oninon soup recipe and i wasted a good glass of white wine in it. Anyway some pictures added of sunday dinner at the 1970s homestead, not much change still doing my chickens. Potatoes good though and you can tell i was just burning the ass out of the gravy not on purpose just mindless

Saturday, 16 January 2010

hello i dont know how to work this machine too well but this was my first tip to diet you into new year you... no calorie sandwiches, ... knit yourself thin by the time you have artheritis of the hand after
all your cucumber sandwich knitting you won't be able to lift a sandwich.
new year new you xxx yahoo

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

take up smoking

I'm down the country knitting for some designer, i brought my jar of honey and my mix of gogi berries, flax seeds,omega 3 s blady blah .. and spent the day knitting and eating heros and finished it with sausage by 4 and chips. Oh god this is like my fat girls confessional. Tomorrow i m going to smoke like a devil. Happy dreams

Sunday, 10 January 2010

porraige and knitting

god it took me ages again to find out how to write a new blog.. i think machines have personalities and this one judges me. Anyway i am leaving my supersered gas pocked studio to go home and make one of my fantastic monaghan chicken roasts with broccolli, roast potatoes which are to be parboiled and left to dry out a bit then shaken so they have nice fluffy edges before they put in with all the nice juicy fat off the chicken to roast. Actually i have the horrible feeling while i m writing this that i have wrote all of this before...but if i go back to check it ll take me ages, so i ll just finish up. I m a bit of a one trick pony. But i can make really really good poached eggs and eggs benedict. Once myself and my friend martin spent 80 euros on breakfast having eggs benedict, it was 'nt anywhere posh,it was a average little cafe in Cork,where they do average quite well... but they had cava and orange juice mix on the menu so we were locked by mid day. I love early morning drinking ... god there s an idea to while away the mornings.Though i m off down the country knitting for the next 2 weeks and i bought a packet of organic oats a jar of Boyne Valley honey and a packet of flaxseeds, gogi berries and something else all mixed up to put in my suitcase, i m hoping to lose half a stone.. but starting after the roast !! anyway kisses miss you x oh by the way you know if you want to have a continental breakfast with a bit of Irish i like to melt butter in a saucepan before i put my porraige oats in, the french love their butter, anyway bye for now

Saturday, 9 January 2010

new year new diet

HI i watched Julia and Julie last week and was very inspired by the boeuf bourgione so my boyfriend( back again) made it, i gave him a five out of ten secretly, though i told him 8 thinking to myself if only he had of added the bay leaf how much better it would be. He wanted to make it his own, bless! Snowed in at moment and wanted to share my recipe for the cold... its cheese and chilli on crackers. YUMMY, the secret is to have something hot to dunk it into in. Pictures will follow as soon as i work out camera loader . will start my tips for the new year diet late january i do like to be different... happy new year to all roly polys xxxxx