Sunday, 10 January 2010

porraige and knitting

god it took me ages again to find out how to write a new blog.. i think machines have personalities and this one judges me. Anyway i am leaving my supersered gas pocked studio to go home and make one of my fantastic monaghan chicken roasts with broccolli, roast potatoes which are to be parboiled and left to dry out a bit then shaken so they have nice fluffy edges before they put in with all the nice juicy fat off the chicken to roast. Actually i have the horrible feeling while i m writing this that i have wrote all of this before...but if i go back to check it ll take me ages, so i ll just finish up. I m a bit of a one trick pony. But i can make really really good poached eggs and eggs benedict. Once myself and my friend martin spent 80 euros on breakfast having eggs benedict, it was 'nt anywhere posh,it was a average little cafe in Cork,where they do average quite well... but they had cava and orange juice mix on the menu so we were locked by mid day. I love early morning drinking ... god there s an idea to while away the mornings.Though i m off down the country knitting for the next 2 weeks and i bought a packet of organic oats a jar of Boyne Valley honey and a packet of flaxseeds, gogi berries and something else all mixed up to put in my suitcase, i m hoping to lose half a stone.. but starting after the roast !! anyway kisses miss you x oh by the way you know if you want to have a continental breakfast with a bit of Irish i like to melt butter in a saucepan before i put my porraige oats in, the french love their butter, anyway bye for now

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